Meet The Leader

Keshav  Jha (Leader)

Keshav Jha Few Lines about the Leader

Keshav Jha The Human , The Indian , The Bihari, The Leader is overall an awesome personality. His simplicity & Honesty is his strengh and these are the key factor behind the success of KBCD INDIA. Beliving in perfection make him admirable personality. Positivity lies in his every words & action. By birth he is practicing the dharma which is directly & only for human kind i.e. Hinduism / Sanatan Dharm. He is leading the team of his choice i.e. Dreamers & Doers. He greatly belives in Doing as he is great followers of Lord Krishna / Shri Mad-Bhagwat Geeta. Whenever you will meet him eachtime you will find him Simple & Petriotic Human and further you will come to know about his different faces / qualities sometime you will find him as Simple Poet, Superb Motivational Speaker, Excellent Actor.

With his too much simplicity & intellectuality, people misinterpret him as very cleaver & sharp. Actually he is really sharp but normal, he is logical but again simple , He is really Gyaani & wise but again

Human Being without ego. In this way too much qualtiy in one person confuse the people a lot about making a single opinion about him. So many people get confused about him but he is calm, dedicated , focused on his work only by following his own path directed by the best Director of the Universe.